Total Program Cost

After meeting with the Principals for the 1-on-1 meetings, the Master Plan diagrams were revised. Estimated costs were applied to the Master Plan diagrams.
16 project scope categories were developed to help define the work proposed at each site:

  1. Modernize & Reconfigure Aging Classrooms
  2. Existing Building Systems & Toilets
  3. Site Utilities
  4. Classrooms New Construction
  5. STEM &STEAM Improvements (Elementary)
  6. Intermediate School Electives
  7. Performing Arts Improvements
  8. Multi-Purpose Room / Food Service Improvements & Student Dining
  9. Physical Education Improvements
  10. Administration & Staff Support
  11. Library & Student Support Services
  12. Safety, Security & Campus Control
  13. Outdoor Learning Environments & Quads
  14. Exterior Play Spaces, Playfields & Hardcourts
  15. Next Generation Classroom Flexibility (Furniture)
  16. Technology Infrastructure

All costs shown are in 2018 dollars. For planning purposes, once a project moves forward to Board approval, the District’s Facilities & Maintenance should escalate these costs to the midpoint of project construction.
Due to their unpredictable nature, the following items are excluded from the cost estimate:

  • utility hook-up fees & City connection fees
  • off-site work and traffic signals
  • land acquisition costs
  • temporary classroom costs
  • hazardous material surveys, abatement, and disposal
  • escalation (costs are in 2018 dollars)