Facilities Assessments

Facilities Condition Assessments provide detailed information on the current state of existing school and program support sites in the District. The inventory is performed by LPA’s interdisciplinary team of architects and engineers. The team walks each campus and meets with Maintenance and Operations staff and school site representatives to observe and document the existing building, utility and site systems in need of repair, upgrade and/or replacement. The resulting assessments help guide cost-effective maintenance and renewal strategies.

Overview of Contents

These existing condition assessments were developed from input gained from focused interviews with the OUSD Facilities and Maintenance personnel. Online surveys were then distributed to all principals, followed-up by an in-person interview and site walk to view and document existing conditions. These assessments represent a snapshot in time, during June of 2017.
Each school site’s assessment begins with a report representing the state of each school site at the time of the school site survey. The Facility Condition Assessment includes representative photographs showing the existing conditions at each school site.